Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Young Jesus.


We are just barely outside of downtown LA.
If I close one eye and put out my hand I could squish all of the big buildings in between my finger and thumb.

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It wasn’t until the automatic doors had completely closed in on my shoulders and were slowly squeezing me into oblivion that I realized I might be in trouble.

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Casual Racism of the Third Kind

One of my third period students dropped this gem on me today.

“It’s only racist if you’re offended.”

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The Plight of the Skinny Vanilla Latte

“I’m not the one who changed their entire coffee order just because they didn’t like the way someone’s voice sounded,” countered my sweet, loving boyfriend when I accused him of acting irrationally.

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And So It Goes…

I chose the wrong table today.
(Or rather, the wrong table chose me.)

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I. Voted.

I showed up to my polling location, which appropriately enough was American Elementary School.

I incorrectly walked through the cafeteria and heard the plight of every child ever. (Poking your straw too aggressively into your Capri Sun and thus creating a hole on the opposite side. The. Worst.)

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Life in the Fish Bowl.

I am a goldfish.

I swim around in my little fish bowl and burp up teeny, tiny bubbles
that are labeled things like “onomatopoeia” and “hyperbole.”

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The Copy Room of Mordor.

There are a lot of things that college and the credential program and the “School of Hard Knocks” can never teach you.
“Trial by fire” is what they call it.

And they…suck.

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Janky-Ass Jeopardy.

There is this dread that comes with Sundays.
Sundays…in and of themselves…aren’t terrible things.
In fact, they’re actually quite pleasant.

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